round two

i am heading out to 13 in a bit. i may do some new warm.ness or i may
do “Sorta Rican” which actually has not gotten that much play there
and has only been read ONCE at acentos.

this last week was thankfully poetry thin and yesterday, at mah
niece’s birthday party, i went out of mah way to speak to someone out
of the immediate circle and talk about more than just me self. which
is kinda easy at mah sister’s since there is room for more than just
poetry in her house. of course, in that i got me a nice little piece
of inspiration and i may just co.op some one else’s life experience to
make me own stories.

finally memorized Capicu and with mah newly memorized cover of Martin
Espada’s “Rebellion is the circle of a lover’s hands” i can happily
say that i can drop a full twenty minute feature right off the dome
which is kinda cool since you never know when you might be in the
right place and the right time.

love ya like if i walked through the hurricane just to bring you fresh coffee

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