marathon man

back in the day i had a joke about my gas tank, i would say that i was
so low on gas that my meter isn’t on E, it’s on D… that’s where i’m
at today

to the audience, i did a fine job of hosting yesterday. good. as for
me, it was a struggle (and struggle) to keep the energy up on three
sentences. next show will be better, for sure. the post show wrap up
was, as usual, real good.

mexican food, talking with fish about and then
passing completely out on the way home (thanks, rich)

while i have mad respect for corrina bain and recommend all of y’all
to go see her at urbana- ima stay home today

love ya like if i did a hurdle jump over a stage wire for ya

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  1. thats sumthin i stole from roger
    and it also references sum inside jokes

    love ya like if i borrowed yo catchphrase!

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