this weekend-

unless raymond has the synonymUS CD ready then i might chill at his
spot and listen to it…

otherwise, i am going to dodge more than a presidential candidate (he
gets political!) out of any and all poetry for the next few days… i
may even miss monday at 13, not sure yet but i think i would rather
spend the time going over my NYFA entry

last night was awesome. i got me a massage, then some rice & beans,
and watched the finals of the World Series of Poker and then ended the
night with some Sports Center but not before having two of the best
phone conversations

for the first one, i plugged in the headset and just went on and on,
back & forth, makin mad inside jokes, GOOD poetry talk and listening
to the train doors closing on the P.

then, out of the blue, i get this random email at almost midnight that
says ‘i’m up, callif ya like’ well sure, why not? and proceeded to
speak of all things Aidan Quinn, “The Huntress,” why Margot Kidder
ruined Superman, “G vs E,” “Law & Order,” lots and lots of L&O (damn,
i sure talk a lot about the shows on the USA network cuz the “Femme
Nikita,” which by the way wuz the grestest show ever, comes up an
awful lot) and GOOD poetry talk.

it’s always funny how you never know how chill someone can be until
you actually TRY to have a conversation something that outside of
poetry circles i am very, very bad in. lately whenever there is a
party i keep retreating to what i know best and do NOT take the
chances that i really should be takin…

love ya like if i found forensic evidence that clears you of all charges

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