“I reminisce”

go over to one bonafide rojas‘ very own blog and drop him a birthday greeting…

i just wrote some ultra sappy sheet about how he was one of the first latinos i ever seen attack the open mic like a fiend, how he took me under his wing at my first nats, how he gave me a shitty score at my first slam (he was actually quite kind in retrospect), the amazing Q&A we had walking from chelsea to spring lounge last summer that no one ever heard, how he always come through when i need him and all kinds of ‘why dont you two get it over with and get married’ sheet but all you really need to know is that he is one of the people that i would keep paying money to see cuz he is always trying to outdo himself and works the mic as well as anybody in this scene… anybody!

feliz cumpleano, scatta!

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