the sports edition

:: the yankees delivered some exciting baseball last night. i am
looking for them to get past the twins and crush the dreams of boston
fans, again! how will they do this? pure smoke and mirrors.

no one from the pitching staff has stepped up and even the mighty
mariano is falling down to mortal level and as mo goes- so goes the

a-rod has been great in the field and at the bat (not to mention the
fact that in MERCHANDISE alone, the yanks have made good cash) but he
cant pitch and thats what its all gonna boil down to.

i am looking for the astros to ride work horse roger clemens all the
way to the promised land

:: hockey. i know, no one really cares but this is some seriosu shit.
i do not understand why the government does NOT get involved in these
talks. this isnt just a game or even a fourth tier national past
time, this is people’s jobs on the line. i could care less for
billionaire owners and millionare superstars but what about the guy, the beer.guy, the concession stand worker, the waitress
at the watering hole by the garden, the souvenier guys, the LIRR folks
who are employed because of a hockey season? no one gives a hot damn
that these folks, who count on this money coming in, will not be able
to send their kids to college or make payments that need to be made.
in the interim, the lawers and pr staff stay employed and even making
some extra off the misfortune of others. government has to step in
and let owners & players know…
“i dont care who is wronf or who is right- you all sit down and work
this out till you come up with a contract”
of course, this shit aint gonna happen

:: ricky williams. what an ass. f’ing his team over and then seeing
how he can get back in the league. there is a reason why the greeks
burnt the boats- they was winning or dying trying. ricky is a sad
example of the superstar athlete realizing, he aint that super.

:: the nba. the knicks still aint shit. a product of a front office
more interested in selling tickets than winning championships. the
nets are headed in the same direction- i cant see how the city is
gonna give them all these breaks to set up in brooklyn when in three
years this team wouldnt be able to beat Christ the King.

looking forward to shaq vs kobe. i think shaq is THE biggest asshole
in allof sports but kobe trying to use him to justify his arrest last
summer is some low down sheet. kobe, great athlete- lousy human
being. this is the problem of surrounding yourself with sycophants.
poets, take note.

:: nascar. i turn on to this only for the last three laps and the
crashes. better yet said, this is my favorite SportCenter sport- all
highlights and commentary.

:: nyc football. this must be the third sign of the apocalypse or
some shit. the jets AND the giants looking this good? and only
looking to do better? some one hand me my oxygen tank! it’s still ny
sports though and only one thing matters- the big one.

look for the eagles to knock the giants and the jets, well, they’ll be
the jets and lose the last four games of the season. google this
entry later y’all.

love ya like front row seats & cracker jacks!

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  1. :: If it wasn’t for destiny demanding the Red Sox go through NY to get to the World Series, last night’s 8th inning ground-rule double would have stayed in the park and the Twins would be closing out the sweep at home.

    :: World Series will be seeing red, Sox over Cards in 7.

    :: I’d have total respect for Ricky Williams if he stayed retired. Anything else is Leon-type BS and I’d fully expect to read about him being arrested for petty larceny 10 years from now.

    :: The Knicks are still in the NBA?

    :: Kobe couldn’t carry Shaq’s water bottle. Punk got what he deserved.

    :: J!E!T!S! JETS! JETS! JETS! Don’t hate. Appreciate. Jacksonville or Bust!

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