"Yes, he swears a lot. Yes, he’s downright awful to certain groups of people"

i have graduated from the full cane walk to the neo pimp limp. i am just happy that i don;t have to make people take baby steps when they are walking with me. that shit is mad embarassing.

the peeps are back from dodge and i am glad that they all had a good time. in retrospect, its a good thing my job kept me away. the gout hit me two years back with some medium swelling of my big toe and the hilly areas were a bitch to trek throug. this year’s new location for dodge, duke farms, was even bigger than their old locale so i could just imagine taking 30 minutes to get aroubd to see one person speak. uggghhh.

everyone has some new form of inspiration and here i am with no muse at the moment. guess ima have to make one appear… and quick!

through it all, i am quite a lucky fellow in that there was quite a nice number of people that were calling me through the weekend seeing how i was feeling and the like. that means the world, y’all. i broke up with someone over the fact that i was all hobbled up and they didnt come visit me. it was one of those “hey, if you dont reach out, how is anyone supposed to reach back?” moments that ended up leaving me more cynical than when i began.

i have a new good luck charm! a jade elephant. this suckah brings back memories. my mom considered them good luck making the apartment look like a safari retreat. there would be elephants of various materials and a myriad of sizes all over the living room and we were under a direct order that the elephants were more important than the lives of two little mischievous kids. hence, if an elephant got damaged, our asses were forfeit. (of course, i ended up getting a couple of beat downs)

i am realizing how little i am actually saying in these posts. there are storms of bonchiche and drama all around me but i am great at keeping a secret (especially if it concerns me) and dont see how any good can come out of dropping a lil secret here or throwing out a random comment there. there is a mad thirst for this shit out there- people want to get inside other peoples lives real fuckin bad but the compulsive in me doesn tstop at just getting the news, i got to find out more. thats when you start getting to the ugly of it. how people are really hurting and how this exterior drama aint shit compared to what goes through their heads before they go to sleep- if they even can go to sleep. you also start finding out that other people have REAL problems that is much deeper than any idle gossip could hope to be.

everybody wants to be the martyr, nobody wants to be the victim. me, i’m just a storyteller. “let him pass, he’s a dreamer”

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