F Red Sox Nation Tour (Epilogue)

we are comin up on I-91 to head back to the house acneos built. no real news to report. a symphony of sinus kept tata away and some how all of us were up at various times of the night. jokes set off the day when thr first thing out my mouth is snaps and then what follows… well, what happens in amherst stays in amherst

this feels like a good end to what otherwise has been a hellish week of angst, flu.fightin, dissapointment and even more angst. i’ve dealt with all this pretty well.

there is still a lack of new poems in my life. there are still holes in my performance that are masked with on the spot wit. there are similair holes in my life but the year is shaping to be pretty nice.

love ya like i shared the bottle wit ya

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