comin to ya from the belly of the beast

i just came off stage after having experienced the tightrope walk- do i have to say it? sans net.

thanks to fish, the crew is up here and enjoying a part of a spotlight he earned of his own merit. leaving all four of us 15 minutes to divvy up. fish batted lead off, his natural position, and set it offlovely. rich followed up and after an exhausitive examination of his work he came up with two poems that were no where near his original order. then jess did her thing- rippin it, of course. now is my go…

“Sorta Rican: Part 3” theses poems were always designed to be read solo and here is where that theory goes into the fire… and comes out like tempered steel. good performance but i am MAD nervous throughout

“MotB” yeah… i know but i needed an anchor and to show em my best stuff. positive news- i hit a new plateau of performance. new “twists and turns” as it were.

but in the end, all i did was match the same energy that my compatriots laid out. add to my list of lucky- three poets that are always pushing me to the next level in mad ways…. as a writer, as a performer, as a curator, as a person… word.

the lineup here is bananas. some faces from the past are here… ed mabrey, lucy anderton, giles li and, the master, louis reyes rivera.

ima stop typin and start listenin, mo latah…

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