how you got here

i feel the wind down as the year starts to take its last breath and hits its last shot of Jameson at the bar, so for the last time in ’04 let’s take a peek at the key words that got some mo’fos up in here

DIVA POETRY :: aw sheet… i sure know all about that. one of the few times that i have backed off, when the ACENTAS all asked that i stop using the dreaded D word during the Acentos shows. damn, though, i was having so much fun callin’ em that.

SOUTH BRONX RONALD REAGAN :: yeah, man. ronnie may be gone but never forgotten. on a semi-related tangent, the spot that he visited is now a Pathmark of all things making me think about how i’m gonna end up writing “Getting George W to visit Pathmark”

CREME BRULEE RECIPE :: now you got me all kinds of hungry! this must be tied up to the trip the fellas took once to mortons

A WRESTLING MOM POEM :: for the record, my mom hasnt watched a Pay Per View in forever but she was a big fan of the Heart Break Kid, Shawn Micheal ;-)

BUTKIS ZERO :: (nada)

O.B.STYLE :: werd! before the “love ya like” outros was the occasional o.b.pontificatin’/o.b.sayin’/o.b.noticin

CHOLOS IN THE BRONX :: yeah! thats right! ¡pinche putos!

RACHAEL RAY+AGE :: she will never age. my bum leg has let me catch up on mah TV and let me tell you… her recipe for lamb and mustard is workin!

DISSAPOINTMENT POEM :: what poem isnt?

HUGGY BEAR POET :: cue the ’70s music as i walk down the street with mah bad azz limp and cane (for the record, when you actually NEED the cane- you can reduce the sexy factor by 70%)

FUNNY RED SOX POEMS :: there is nothing funny about this last year with da sox… revenge will be ours, dammit

MORRIS THE STEGOSAURUS SONG :: lol… this one cracked me up SO much that i had to bend mah rule of not listing names that people input but while i am at it… ANIS is the unofficial winner for this year

ECUADORIAN CONSUL BRONX, NY :: dats rite, beeches! dis is da home where la patria lives! mad love to all my south american brethern, i was proud to represent the motherland as the center of their ’92 basketball squad in barcelona.

and with that mah happy little web crawlers, i bid you adieu

love ya like google loves spiders

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