welcome to mah world

no resolutions- ahm tired of lying to mahself
no puntuations- math was always my strong suit
no self.healing- all out of snakeoil for the soul
no hate- maybe just a little
no love- i’ve tried but mah friends kepp feeding it to me like castor oil
no coded messages- either ima say it or i wont
no false smiles- if ya think i dont like ya…
no crocodile tears- these are always real
no.stalgia- still clever after all these years
no procrastination- at least not till tomorrow
no end- not till i’ve said my peace
no drinks- the bar is closed

last year was damn good to me… way better than it should have been… i survived the single most humiliating experience of mah life but not after breaking down… meanwhile, around me, as the sandcastles went the tide… real houses got washed away… yet the world still stopped at my feet… one thread kept it all together… the outward expression of it is poetry… at least to y’all… for me, it was a belief in my voice… a truth even my own lies cut thru…

pain is a different thing… ditto for pity… medication isnt helping mah legs… i wonder the stories people invent as i stroll by… no need to wonder… i can see it in the glass of their cornea… no stories/no tale/no reflection… this is what makes me different… different- not better… the story that flashes in my mind when i walk past the millions of page turns that surround my days…

no looking back- its all ash
no pondering forwards- its all flames
no peeking around- you’ll ruin the ending
no holding on- dont want to lose your grip too?
no shout outs- its just me and mah shadow
no island chain- any port in the storm
no way back- the thread is cut
no rescue team- you ate the crumbs along the way
no body move- or you’ll get hurt
no not me- then who else?

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