why i hit the mic

writing poetry… getting on stage… slamming…

this is all stuff that i do as simply as some people take the bus

and i’ve never been scared of it… not even once… nervous?… yeah… scared?… nah

and why is that?

cuz this thing that i do is the one and only thing in my life where i feel i can fall from any height and still survive

“vomit up ghosts/and not feel broken” is how komunyakaa says it

there is so much other shit in this life where i fall and it feels like i am never getting back up again… where i end up in a crevice… and disappear in the folds

thats how i was able to justify this to people at some point… “i know i am built to do this cuz there isnt any success or failure, really, just twists and turns”

so if you ever think that you may or may not be cut out for this just ask what would happen if you wrote a fantastic poem and every body hated it… you went up on stage and they all booed… you slammed and caught a 1…

would you stop?

would you really walk away from it all after that?

i dont think this makes me particularly brave… as profe would say, “it’s what i do”

“I write for the same reason I breathe – because if I didn’t, I would die.” Isaac Asimov

yeah that sounds about right

i am pretty sure this makes me a good writer/now i need it to help me be a better person

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  1. “…twists and turns.” I like that.

    Frost said something like, “No risk for the writer; no risk for the reader.” Ergo: “Twists and turns for the performer; twists and turns for the audience.”

    I say, let’s get twisted.

    I’m looking forward to Tuesday, Stunna.


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