F the Red Sox Nation Tour

this post is comin at ya from fish’s vehicle thanks to the power of the OGO

we have survived this first leg of the trip without incident. no small thing when you consider how much love we have for each other. its alwaysa a 50/50 on whether we will have the time of our lives or refuse to speak to each other… where we eat our young, yo!

the pointof the tour is to hit the Voice for the Voiceless reading up at U Mass, Amherst. ive heard some great stories about past ones including the one from last year that fish drove some folks to and then got to read thanks to a few no shows. i would post the names of our fellow performers but its probably best to just let you know who actually shows up to perform. the road is funny that way.

we are currently cruising at 85mph singing ‘Purple Rain’ as fish remixes the lyrics while simultaneously logs in the entry into his voice recorder (Acentos.is.hightech)

the other news to report is that my first ever chapbook, “Sorta Rican,” is complete and ready to be purchased

and who would happen to be the historic first ever paying customer of an o.b.publishin’ product?

— cue the Jeopardy music! —

none other than Mr. Willie Perdomo

aint dat some sheet? he also picked up (and i hope i aint stealin his thunder) one of rich’s new chapbooks as well

the music has taken a turn for the surreal as i suspect will be the norm for ths adventura

just got off the highway so it feels like a good time to sign off from johnny damon (F U ya shaggy mutt!) land

love ya like if i had 26 trophies to your 1

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