fuel in my tank

i attribute all the improvement in my knee to this lil wonder drink- tart cherry juice. not to sound like an infomercial but the stuff tastes damn good, it’s pretty cheap and it works. if you know anyone who is suffering from any joint pain, this might be the right gift.

with some dead on the money critique (more edits!) from a good friend with a fine ear, we can lay the glow of monday’s set to rest. the next step is to try to memorize more of my pieces and get at least a solid 40 minutes of material in my head. also on the to do list, re-edit “Brooklyn Back Break Beat.” that poem has a couple of fine moments but the rest is all bubble gum & duct tape- it keeps it together but not in the most aesthetic way possible.

let’s leave with a quote-

The quieter you are, the less you are identified with any time/space locus you’re standing in, the more you are everything around you and you are their motives as well as your own.

Baba Ram Dass


love like the silence after the kiss

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