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ESTP type description by D.Keirsey

The Artisans called Promoters are not only concrete in speech and utilitarian in achieving their goals, they are also directive and expressive in their social interactions. They have no hesitation at all in approaching strangers and persuading them to do something. And others do their bidding, even on slight acquaintance.

Promoters are men and women of action. When someone of this personality is present, things begin to happen: the lights come on, the music plays, the game begins. And a game it is for the Promoter, the entrepreneur, the troubleshooter, the negotiator. Promoting is the art of winning others to your position, giving them confidence to go along with what you propose, and Promoter’s seem especially able to maneuver others in the direction they want them to go. In a sense, they are able to handle people with much the same skill as Crafter’s handle tools, operate machines, or play musical instruments. You might say that people are instruments in the Promoters’ hands, and that they “play” them with great artistry. Promoters make up approximately ten per cent of the general population, and if only one adjective could be used to describe them, “resourceful” would be an apt choice.

Life is never dull around Promoters. Witty, clever, and fun, Promoters live life with a theatrical flourish which makes even the most routine events seem exciting. Not that they waste much time on routine events. Promoters have a knack for knowing where the action is. They always seem to have tickets to the “hot” show or “big” game (or can get them when others can’t), and they usually know the best restaurants, where the headwaiters are likely to call them by name. To be sure, Promoters have a hearty appetite for the finer things of life, the best food, the best wine, expensive cars, and fashionable clothes. And they are extremely attentive to others and smooth in social circles, knowing many, many people by name, and knowing how to say just the right thing to most everyone they meet. None are as socially sophisticated as Promoters, none as suave and polished-and none such master manipulators of the people around them.

[Teddy Roosevelt][Winston Churchill][General George Patton][John Kennedy]

Ernest Hemingway is an example of a Promoter Artisan temperament style.

ESTP type description by J. Butt

ESTPs are spontaneous, active folks. Like the other SPs, ESTPs get great satisfaction from acting on their impulses. Activities involving great power, speed, thrill and risk are attractive to the ESTP. Chronic stifling of these impulses makes the ESTP feel “dead inside.”

Gamesmanship is the calling card of the ESTP. Persons of this type have a natural drive to best the competition. Some of the most successful salespersons are ESTPs. P.T. Barnum (“Never give a sucker an even break”) illustrates the unscrupulous contingent of this type.

Almost unconsciously the ESTP looks for nonverbal, nearly subliminal cues as to what makes her quarry “tick.” Once she knows, she waits for just the right time to trump the unsuspecting victim’s ace and glory in her conquest. Oddly enough, the ESTP seems to admire and respect anyone who can beat her at her own game.

“If I was any better, I couldn’t stand it!” To an ESTP, admission of weakness feels like failure. He admires strength in himself and in others.

“Shock effect” is a favored technique of this type to get the attention of his audience. ESTPs love to be at center stage, demonstrating feats of wonder and daring.

Qualitative analysis of your type formula

You are:

* slightly expressed extrovert

* slightly expressed sensing personality

* slightly expressed thinking personality

* moderately expressed perceiving personality

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