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here is the hotness via the BNN-

ima be heading up to worcester, ma to feature for the poet’s asylum on may 15th. apparently, this place gives their feature 30-40 minutes to strut their stuff. i’ve been able to put together some good 20 minute features but this could be a challenge. convential wisdom says i add the classics to the louderMONDAY feature, stir with a lemon wedge and POOF! 40 minute feature! worcester doesnt really know me that well but make no mistake there will be some new sheet mixed in for a lil extra sabor.

there is also some ‘chinche involving me performing in june for (if the rumors prove to be true) what promises to be some next level sheet when it comes to bronx poetry.

nearly confirmed is the Acentos second anniversary throw down with TWO musical acts coming thru. the debut of bonafide’s new band- the mona passage plus the sounds of miss maya azucena. i may have another round in the chamber but we’ll see what happens.

and for Acentos in july… mr rigoberto gonzález! in the “dont break yo arm from pattin yoself on the back” dept, i am pretty happy with mah poet trackin skills and extremely honored that he agreed to read for us. people, this man has four(!) books set to come out this year- a personal memoir, a biography on the late Chicano writer Tomás Rivera, a bilingual childrens book AND a collection of poetry!! this is definitely one of those peoples whose head i am going to pick at and hope i can learn a lil something.

on the personal tip, ima be at a writers retreat this weekend. i feel really fuckin’ bad on one hand cuz ima miss out on eric’s housewarming but i also need to start kickin my writing up a notch. there is so much wackness passing itself off as hotness and im not saying that im all that, im just sayin that i would rather die trying to write a good poem rather than live with some triteness. if you hear me do a poem more than once, its cuz i really believe in the poem and think that there is some kind of substance in it and maybe its not your cup of tea and maybe you can find 12 ways to knock it but if you sit down with me and ask, i will break down the whole thing to you and tell ya why i made the choices i made. (note- you are going to have to pay for the meal, i may be easy but i certainly aint cheap ;-))

thats all for now- reporting for the BNN, i be o.b.

back to you at the anchor desk, pony!

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