extreme makeover: blogger edition

for long time fans, this is an amalgam of my original blog set-up (chock full o’ links) and the updated blogger format with archived comment section

hope ya like it, cuz lord knows i do. on richs recommendation, i may change the blue to a lighter shade but other than that its pretty tight especially after i took out the ugly orange color to the blog headlines.

on the individual news front- the knee rehab is going with well with better range of motion and less pain. i am still rocking the cane but i got a lead on where i can get a CLEAR CANE!!! ah sheet…

um lampin, um lampin, um cole cole lampin

i’ve also started on getting back into some kind of shape for the summer. nothing to crazy, just some fitness bands to help me get my muscles back to the grind. the way the knee is rehabbin & with the bands, i hope to get into a legit gym come actual summer time. how im going to actually put any serious weight on my bad knee is a mystery right now but i’ll figure something out.

i used to get a good deal of zen from bodybuilding back in the day. dont get it twisted, i was never a ripped up roid monster as i naver could devote enough discpline to the dieatary aspects of hard core flexingbut i held my own really well. 315 lb squat, 540 lb leg press, 245 lb bench, 135 lb military press, 275 lb deadlift- all done while i was tipping the scales at 170 lbs. i was also doing about 30 minutes of cardio as well to end the work out.

and even back then, i could not stand ranters & ravers (C’MON! GIMME ONE MORE!!! YOU GOT IT!!! YOU GOT IT!!!!!!!!) one fool tried to motivate me like this once and i ended up quitting the set right then and there. same thing with fools that would try to lift the weight for you. when dealing with serious weight, you get a lil tired by the end and may need a nudge or two to help you get out an extra rep. this is pretty cool but a lot of fools translate this into pulling the weight up for the other guy and then all you have is two over blown egos.

plenty ’nuff with the dumbbell jargon.

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