more liberty

no sunrise writing exercise. i’m not sure if i am that dissapointed about missing that part but it still may happen tomorrow.

after some light breakfast, we went over a few things and then needed a writing exercise to kick start the day. that came in the form of writing to some music. the poem i came up with is pretty fun but i want to add on to it. its the second time in a week i was able to lay down some new hotness on the fly and both need more room to grow and stretch before i pull out the editing knife.

we then had to move on to more writing so i volunteered the exercise i came up with and (thank god!) it didn’t suck. i’ll post it up later for the curious and the studious. some great conversations came out of it and we also were able to open up a bit on who we are as people/writers. the insights are bananas.

we are about to edit some older work with some new tips and suggestions from the group. it looks like i’m very close to having another “finished” poem in my holster.

time to write more… see y’all in a nickel!

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