passing by the light of liberty

i know that this isnt really upstate but for my five-borough ass it may as well be edmonton, alberta!

we got her a bit late but right on time. the company is chill which is code for everyone has a sense of humor cuz i needs to be around folks with a good sense of humor. there was pizza, there was mac & cheese, there was salad with sunflower seeds, there was argentinian red wine (i had two sips of it, btw. damn good stuff. for 2005, i have drunk about a grand total of 6 oz of alcohol), there was ginsburg, there was sharon olds, and there were poems.

everyone is kick ass in their own style so i plan on shutting up & lettin folks drop the knowledge. tomorrow morning, we wake at sunrise for a writing exrecise! the last few times ive seen sunrise its been cuz i never got to sleep. lets see if this still remains the case.

love ya like network news loves disaster

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