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since i am a notoriously bad reader, i am posting this list of books i just received in the hopes that it will help me get through them in a timely manner…

MILES by Miles Davis – in an effort to help me figure out the soundtrack to my muse, i am seeking enlightenment from a man who followed his muse without fear, doubts, or question. at least that is my perception of him. lets see what i discover.

THE HEART OF COACHING: USING TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING TO CREATE A HIGH-PERFORMANCE CULTURE by Thomas G. Crane – recommended by my boss. “for the control freak who has everything” – rich villar (poet, philospopher, jackazz)

THE LATIN BEAT: THE RHYTHMS OF ROOTS OF LATIN MUSIC, FROM BOSSA NOVA TO SALSA AND BEYOND by Ed Morales – in the same vein as “Miles”, trying to put a name to the rhythm of mah days… and yes, tata, there is a chapter on reggaeton.

SO OFTEN THE PITCHER GOES TO WATER UNTIL IT BREAKS by Rigoberto Gonzalez – recommended by omar. the titles of his poems are better than some of the 6 minute rants i hear. i do believe i have found a new voice to emulate.

and on the sneak, i plan on hitting my local corporate bookstore.slash.library and reading jose canseco’s book (i refuse to pay for it- REFUSE!) and hit y’all with a review. i have a feelin’ that its gonna be an UPHA special, foh sugar.

love ya like mangu loves salchichon

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  1. miles is an incredible look into the mind of a genuis — even if he was a womanizing wifebeater…

    also check out:

    assata by assata shakur, a taste of power by elaine brown, i put a spell on you by nina simone & deals with the devil and other reasons to riot by pearl cleage…

    all very incredible works…

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