How to piss me off

This morning I have a situation in my office where a brand spanking new piece of equipment whose total invoice ran over $20,000 has a serious defect. When I call the equipment provider, I am told that I first have to send over a detailed letter stating the nature of the problem before someone can help me. This, in and of itself, on the right day, would be enough to make me see red but I am in quite the good mood this morning so I comply with this rather ludicrous request. I fax over the letter and then immediately call back to get the problem cleared up. (Hey, I said I was in a good mood not that I was playin’ da suckah role.) While I am attempting to find a solution with this woman on the line, the fax rings, and they are returning my letter… with edits?

WTF?!?! The letter looks like if Lynne ripped it apart!

Our story ends with me practicing my breathing a few times, punching a cardboard box full of paper (which is progress considering I used to punch office furniture on the regular back in the day), and me calling out everybody and their supervisor for the vulgar treatment shown to me and my company.

I am back on the breathing exercises and believe I will partake in a spot of tea. Chamomile, anyone?

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  1. hey hey….easy.

    guns work much faster.

    (rich bursts into company’s office) “Oh I think you’re gonna send a tech….”

    Current Music: “When the Shit Goes Down,” Cypress Hill

  2. while the gun may be faster

    a slow knife to the throat is a much more personal message

    Current Music: “There For The Grace of God Go I”

  3. NICE!!!!!!!! The knife rocks. remember to punch it in then bring it across. If the knife isn’t sharp the esphogus my fall through his neck but that is better for the visual.

    I am proud of my O


  4. i dont know if i should be scared or taking notes…dammit — where’s my pen?

  5. Simmer down O, as I’ve said before,

    “sometimes I need a day like this,
    to remind me
    why I don’t carry a gun.”

    Try to look on the bright side.

    Your Resident Optimist

  6. On the other hand, the poem goes on to say that:

    “Today is a plea bargain waiting to happen.”

    Oh well, I tried….shoot the mofo’…MCS

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