how you got here

here is the latest list of words or phrases used by random mofos to reach (cue walter mercado- voice) las casa de geminis (channel 47- off!)

“peruvian shrimp soup”
:: you can pick this up at Flor de Mayo over at 84th @ Amsterdam on Fridays for mad cheap!

gemini engaged this february
:: maybe someone knows something that i dont know about

oscar appropriate
:: hardly ever

pete sampras herpes
:: what?!?! the fact that someone actually typed this leaves me STUPEFIED

(you got dissed )poem
:: sorry, you wont find that here… no siree… the after poem diss talk, yes

meaning and sade’s pearls
:: i dont search for the meaning of that one… just let the tune be the tune

something to do for kids
:: “hey kids! this weekend we are going to go to three workshops and hang out in the city till 3 in the morning so that when ya get home, your lil sleep deprived selves can write till your eye balls explode! doesnt that sound like fun?”

speech of hillary swank – 77th oscar
:: the funny part is that somebody ran this search about a half hour before the show started… PROPHET!

www.funny place.rog
:: that should be the URL for any spot that you hang with el panama

poems o saying goodbye
:: is somebody tryin to tell me sumthin?

“neil gaiman” farted

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