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I have two trivial but deeply personal artistic problems this weekend.

The first is that I do not know when the hell I am going to get to see Sin City. I got no car so I wasn’t able to catch any midnight shows last night. Tonight, I am up at the Hudson Writer’s Center to check out Jack McCarthy (who I have never seen live but have seen his work on the page, CD and video and am ULTRA impressed) and Roger (who I have seen – in performance – maybe close to 100 times but Rog always manages to add something to each performance). Tomorrow has me workin, then checkin out a reading up in Hostos, then it’s Raj’s birthday and Sunday has me celebratin Eric’s birthday.

How is a comic head supposed to get to see one of his favorite serials get the major star treatment? Is it really fair to wait this long to see Jessica Alba?

(I bet you any money the strip club scene is only gonna last 30 seconds but Lawd(!) it’s still gonna be a great 30 seconds.) On the real, Sin City is shaping to be THE comic book adaption of all time. And with a cast that hits almost every major demographic expect incredible crossover appeal which should lead to some well deserved praise for Frank Miller who is a genius in the comic book genre (Batman: Year One /Daredevil /Ronin / The Dark Knight Returns… for right now we will ignore the abysmal DK2: The Dark Knight Strikes Again)

Next up is that Monday is the anniversaryFEST at Bar13 and I still have not decided what I am actually going to read that night. Maybe I’ll pull a Profe and write something at the bar 10 minutes beforehand since I don’t think I can pull another o.b. and write something new and (hopefully) interesting the night before. Let’s see. If anybody wants to make a request, hit the comments section or email me back channel.

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