seems i do a pretty good job of updatin ye ole blog spot (includin the new ob.photogenic section- thank ya much flickr.com)
EXCEPT for the ob.currently section which is hella old (note that i am still anticipatin Sin City)
with that said, here is the new hotness version of the currently

READING: i just got done with the truly excellent Random Family : Love, Drugs, Trouble, and Coming of Age in the Bronx by Adrian Nicole LeBlanc
if you ever wanted to know about livin in the hoodrat section of the boogie down from the start of the hip-hop generation to now, then this is it. all the stories, and are there a ton of stories, are authentic and complete. no preaching. no exploration in to how these people can change it all around. just the facts and the amazing will to live through what seems like a dead end existence. the only flaw is that it may just a bit too complete with a cast of hundreds (actually scores but ya get what i mean) and at one point, i actually thought about putting together a flow chart to keep track of everyone. that minute point aside– pick this book up if you want to know the real deal and not hollywood’s version of the bX.

i am re-reading Christopher Maurer’s intro to García Lorca’s The Collected Poems: A Bilingual Edition but am not so sure what to read next.

right now it’s a toss up between Miles and Caramelo… me thinks miles wins this battle

LISTENING: nope. not the new Coldplay CD. i think i may be over them. so we go a complete 180– Putumayo Presents: Music From the Chocolate Lands. that shit is rockin. cool easy music that speaks to me in a voice that feels as familiar as my first taste of scotch.

next on the rack is Mos Def’s The New Danger. this particular soundtrack has been #1 on the P Train’s chart for the last few weeks and looks like its gonna stay there for a minute. ray and rich also think that they can get me to actually sing (in public!) by using the same technique Mos uses on track 11 aka The Panties. we shall see…

ANTICIPATING: right this minute- Batman Begins. all indications say that this is the real deal. im getting good vibes from the regular press and (mos importantly) guy. please hay.zeuz, dont let them fuck this up. please…

the immediate future sees me anxious to get to nats. ‘burque still looks like they got all their eggs in the right baskets. i may get to host a bout or two and familia acentos will be almost all together.

and the edge of the horizon sees me chillin in some lounge with a tumbler of Glenlivet (neat, thank ya very much)

ROOTING: normally, it would be all about the yankees. fuck it! its STILL all about the yankees. the pennant will still be ours!

i am torn between the Spurs and the Pistons. both are great teams that really send the whole “we need a superstar” mentality to the curb (though Duncan is a superstar, its just since he has lil street cred cuz he focuses on b-ball rather than being the next NBA Idol) with a two game to none leads, lets say the Spurs in six.

STUDYING: what else- poetics! the form contest is goin on hard and strong over on pat’s blog and me thinks i have to seriously delve into the classic structures some more. i also have to get my metrics down. meter has never been my strong suit, if there is any of it in my work it is purely accidental.

on the double edged sword tip and the whole beginning-is-the-end shit i love so much, i am intensifying my Lorca studies (he does not describe the bat/he sees the bat in his writing) to not only help me find my poetic ritmo but to also brush up on the spanish and avoid further shame from la patria

PLUS! i hear it makes for excellent conversation over drinks… jus sayin

love ya like an ice cream sandwich on a sweaty sunday afternoon

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  1. glenlivet 12 year (yes, yes, neat…) is especially good for lorca conversation. as are ice cream sandwiches (or sammitches). i’m jus sayin.

  2. You two, already. Sheesh.

    Ahem. What I wanted to say was that I also thought Random Family was excellent. Truth be told, I will read anything Adrian Nicole LeBlanc writes because five thousand years ago when she was Fiction Editor at Seventeen, she wrote me very, very kind rejection letters complete with phrases like, “lovely writing,” which I treasure to this day.

    I hope they don’t make it into a movie, though. I thought it was weird to watch “The Corner,” after reading, you know, The Corner.

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