Last night in conversation with a friend the subject of muses came up and I laid down some thoughts on invocation, offerings and conversations with the muse. My friend was amazed at the fact that these ideas were so concrete in my mind. * This is me smiling inside * This spilled into a few other areas which included the democratization of art, a concept which we both agreed is a farce at best and manipulation of wills at worst.

Democracy in art leads to telling people what they want to hear versus bringing messages that people need to hear.

I was also lucky enough to share some of my newer poems, got some good critique and dialogued on the Bible/mythology/poetry/storytelling. As such, today’s reading assignment is Genesis. No worries, though, I have not reverted to full Catholic dogma nor do I expect to.

I think the only chapter that I read fully on my own would be Revelations mostly due to the fact that it was the only part of the New Testament that we didn’t get to study during my seven years in the Catholic School system.

Actually, I don’t think I have read very much of the Old Testament at all. I have a good idea of the stories and the timelines thanks to one of the first books I ever received: The Children’s Bible (An Illustrated Version). My mom gave me this when I was about 5 and not only was it the first book I recall getting but it was also the first with a dedication, dated and all. * This is me reminiscing about my mom *

It’s not easy processing all this but late night conversations with La Musa filter out the extraneous ego, praise the necessary ego in writing, wonder on the role of the poet in history, marvel at voyeurism in art, laugh at the periphery, delight in the comfort of food and salt while letting me be as honest as possible amidst the static roar of oceans meeting.

Current music: U2’s Walk to the Water

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