nps 2005: end nats

alternate title ‘no sleep till brooklyn’

a ton of us are leaving on the red eye which means we have to leave the hotel at about 4am and finals ends around midnite and that all equals Big Booty all nite long. (Big Booty bein a kinda camp game involvin some dancin, some sound off and tons of alkeehol) some poetry tag was goin down as well but the snob in me was waiting to get the call that the No Whackness Reading was goin on. maybe the call did come but i have been pretty anti-social which is my norm for nats. i’d rather meet two or three really cool people than go around hand shakin anybody with a poets badge and makin sure they know my name… not my type of hype, y’all.

no late night talk of gov’t oppression or DNA sampling tonight. i head to the room to pack my bags and veg out in front of the tv. find a mailbox, grab some food, check out the pool and pass out for all of 20 mins as the alarm goes off.

get to the airport on time and the louderCREW just refuses (ding!) to let go of the fun vibe of abq. we snap on each other in the shuttle van to the airport (shut up, don goyo!) and after checkin in & requisite security check, congegrate by a common gate and get stoopid all over again. let your inner hatah loose!

the return trip was uneventful. i finally wrote a poem on the trip. a five page hand written epic that will probably get whittled down to haiku when its all over but still some good stuff.

ima miss burque and can see myself comin back one day jus to enjoy the sun, altitude and sopapilllas (fried sweet dough wit honey) hella happy with the tat which is healin as if i had an adamantium skeleton.

new york is humid, loud, crowded and dirty but still remains my first love.

live from the city of constant sirens,

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