nps 2005: end day five

in the ‘who are you? and what did you do with ob?!’ files: by 6am i was already having breakfast and writing by poolside as the sun was coming up over ‘burque. there were 20 or so slammers already up as well but it was more like ‘just got in’ than “just got up” kinda thing. an overcast sky gave me a less than postcard dawn but anytime you can greet the sun, you should take it. thats what ima miss most, how close the sun is in new mexico like a mothers cheek.

slamfamily meeting at 11. another well run gathering (thank you, scott woods) with a minimum of slam theatrics. afterwards, i hit the room for some reading and another shower/costume change then the hunt was on- time for a tattoo. i was tellin rich the week before that we should be open to the possibility…
(ron burgundy voice: activate) Rich, I’m going to put this out there. If you like it, keep it. If not, then just throw it back. (Anchorman clip: off)

anyhoo, i went searching for a tat parlor cuz the time was now. of course, i had NO idea what i as going to get which flipped the acentas out. then again, i did just sneak up and give em a heart attack a sec before so that may have had some thing to do with the fact that they kept callin me DUM.

found the ink spot. settled on a design. made an appointment. walked around a bit. appointment pushed back. went back to the hotel. costume change. returned. appointment pushed back. ob ready to choke a beech.

at this point i returned to my zen- something always has to go wrong, better its this then the tat artist saying “oops!” tu sabes?

i’ll post a jpg of the image i settled on later. i dont think i will be postin pics of the actual tat. seems kinda personal at this point.

as soon as im done with the body art, its time to head over for slam finals. once again, the lAp is reppin strong. i catch most of the indy competition (congrats anis!) till my knee starts feelin a lil funny and then i pull a disappearing act for the next hour. i return to see the end of the team competition, watch as burque takes the crown in their own hometown (a first in the 12 year history of nps) and then here comes the drama!
“NPS we know drama”

some of the losing teams heard booing when they were being intro’ed. (i couldnt hear it where i was sitting) a competitor took it upon themselves to invoke the words of danny solis and then use them to trash danny’s hometown by sayin that the people of burque had “no home training” ya know, that was kinda tasteless being that burque in general and danny in particular have treated everyone like royalty but the real shit is when said rep and some team members cross their arms above their heads in protest as team burque attempts to celebrate. the protest continues even as ken rodriguez announces that the one underage member of the team will finally get to recite a poem. the protesters are practically chased off stage and now danny is pissed. straight up. he tries to salvage the night by goin somewhere few would challenge by citing his personal love and devotion to slam. he then brings back the other teams to thunderous applause (not everyone came back). did this ruin nats? close but no cigar. ya knew something had to go wrong during the actual competition and it all got pushed back to finals night. i am sure some will side with the protesters but the majority of the support will go to danny & albuquerque. at least my support does.

time to get ready to go home. we take off at 7am so we need to be at the airport by 5. oh lawdy.

love ya like el corazon ama a aztlan

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