Poetry by Dusk/Party by NIght

please refer to the previous post for details on the reading tonight at cornelia street. i actually plan on toning down some of my normal stage antics in favor of a poem after poem, story after story, slow build of a larger narrative type deal OR i may just ask “is there is no one else?!?” (which i did at the last acentos, i have video but sadly no sound) either way, its gonna be something new for me since most of my new work has been a revelation or more like remembering an old dream. ya know what i mean? (ding! the nebulous bell)

on the flip side- mah main homie, the starsky to mah hutch, the jerry to mah deano, the chuleta to mah apple shawsh, el profe himself, will be doing his thing which always keeps me at the edge of mah seat. we also have a tendency to flip roles so perhaps he will ask “remember a time when kings read their own poetry?!?” or sumthin like dat

and after the party is the after party… though not in the hotel lobby.
it will be goin down at B1 as Raj and crew will be throwin it down for a free (ya heard? FREE!) jam with drink specials and wings and bodies doin figure 8s and such

me, i think after the feature i may have a partial sip of some scotch to celebrate but thats providing i nail the set which is your last teaser to come on down and check out the hotness

love ya like if wah wuz mah favorite flavah jelly bean

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