Top 10 Titles For This Blog Entry

Soundtrack goin on in mah head: U2’s version of “Unchained Melody”

The set list for this last Friday’s reading at Cornelia Street will be up by the end of the week but that news sure does take a back seat to the fact that my invocation of the muse is on some, as the kids would say, next shit.

For you lovers of the nebulous, the Top Ten:

10. (Cue the Homer Simpson voice) Oh, Profe! How could we stay mad at you? (Dan Castellaneta mode: Off)

9. Whiskey- Yes/SoCo- No

8. NO!!! Not ___________!

7. What is this Mango Lassi you speak of?

6. “Boo boo, it’s been a whole thirty minutes since I’ve seen you!”

5. Rice Cake! Rice Cake! Rice Cake!

4. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire in Brooklyn

3. Mangu = Yummy

2. Canoodling at Cornelia

(Cue the drumroll!)and the number one title for this blog post:

1. Best Weekend, Ever!!!

love ya like if ya fell from the sky and into mah arms

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  1. re: #8. why you gotta hurt me like that, ob? i thot we was cool ;-)

    told you i’d bring the whiskey.

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