the view from pride rock

ed and kyra are here and now the tribe is fully gathered. i was up at 730 which is really 1030 edt so i had mad energy much to the chagrin of my roomie– el profe. some breakfast, some laughs and then ob gets himself a hat! mah very first one. white straw with a navy blue thin red striped band and a small feather. (this is the part where ms ver says “hey poet! can a sistah get a jpeg in this piece?” sorry, no personal cam but ima try to get a pic up soon)

danny solis & all of burque is killin it out here. following up yesterdays succesful welcome reception with todays equally fun opening ceremony. an azteca dance troupe blessed the proceedings and then the teams got to give a one minute speech. some just did straight intros, some did comedy skits, come just spoke from the heart. some were damn god and some really tried hard. united texas (all six teams) sang ‘deep in the heart’ burque brought their entire slam community on stage with them and united nyc also brought their whole entourage as well.

a visit to old town was aight. too commercial but there was an amazing church that had me all awe struck. we searched for Frybread Mama but it seems its closed down. (boo, hiss!)

ed drove us out to the foot of one of the mountains and we hiked for a bit to a REAL view of the southwest. ed took some pics so ima try to get those uploaded on the quick.

louderARTS is about to slam which officially kicks the competition off.

(cue the brad pitt voice) Is there no one else?! IS THERE NO ONE!?!?

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  1. OMG, a quote from Troy! That totally makes up for the lack of visual entertainment thus far.

  2. Frybread Mama’s better not have closed down! It’s still listed on the Old Town Albuquerque site. I recall it was on the edge of Old Town, way in the back behind a little plaza. I told Ed he has to eat some for me, so make sure he does!

  3. ob! i’m back from hawai’i to find out you’re sportin a new hat!

    to second ms. ver’s protest, pics, dearest? i’ll show you mine if you show me yours……

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