nps 2005: end day two

louder won in a tightly contested bout that included the french team slamming with subtitles in the background. the venue was sod out, ima guess that the spot holds at least 300. nice!

i had to leave early to bout manage (make sure all procedures are followed) which took a back seat to the fact that my pounding headache may have sumthin to do with the fact that it was 14 hours since i ate anything. after takin care of dat, i got to witness a good bout that had alot of good poetry. who knew?

no after party for ob as i am on the protest/rules committee and i had to take care of sheet. lets say it wasnt that bad but it wasnt that good.

off to sleep as i get to spread the poetry love to some high school kids tomorrow mornin. early tomorrow mornin.

g’night y’all

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