How many battles have we won off the edge of his sword?

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err, spoon

the madness that is the vermonster reappears. i am currently undergoing a strict regiment of yoga, capoiera and scrabble in order to prepare myself for the next time this challenge is laid forth.

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  1. you are not eating locomoco right this second?

    color me jealous

    Thetis: Your glory walks hand-in-hand with your doom. (from TROY)

  2. Third wheel here.

    Because a part of me will always believe that the world does, indeed, revolve around Ver, every time you refer to the “Vermonster,” I think of, well, me.

    And, um, that’s all I wanted to say.

    Oh! And “Blokus.” I wanted to say, “Blokus.” Because Blokus is my new favorite game (Scrabble being my all-time favorite game).

    In case anyone was wondering.

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