Good Morning, South Bronx!

stright up, the attendance for the last acentos was pitiful which is a dman shame considering the fact that our feature, juan antonio, kicked major ass. no grudges, no worries, c’mon thru for tonights edition and we’ll call it even.


Tuesday, September 13 @ 7:00pm
The Bruckner Bar & Grill
1 Bruckner Boulevard (Corner of 3rd Ave)
The Uptown’s Best Open Mic & featuring JENNIFER CENDAÑA ARMAS

Jennifer Cendaña Armas is an actor, dancer, singer, writer, violinist, and community worker from Corona/Jackson Heights, Queens. Her poetry has been featured nationwide and in England, including the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, L.A.’s World Stage, Boston’s Lizard Lounge, London’s Speakeasy, Ladyfest Bristol, and the Black Family Channel’s “Spoken.” Publications include AWOL, NYU’s Review of Law and Social Change, X Magazine, Aesthetica Magazine, and Monsoon. Jennifer works with youth on the Lower East Side and teaches arts/activism/politics workshops in schools, prisons, and community-based organizations throughout the country. She is part of the Blackout Arts Collective and Mango Tribe families.

6 Train to 138th Street Station
Hosted by Oscar Bermeo
FREE! ($5 Suggested Donation)

Coming from Manhattan: Exit by the last car on the 6. Take the exit
to your left, go up the stairs to your right to exit at Lincoln
Avenue. Walk down Lincoln about 5 blocks to Bruckner Blvd, turn right
on Bruckner past the bike shop. The Bruckner Bar & Grill is on the
corner. For more directions, please call 718.665.2001.

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