weekend recap

friday: hit the nuyo for karen jaime’s farewell bash. karen has been ultra good people to me and ima miss her at the helm. she was one of the few gems of the nuyo. luckily, nathan p (a true gentleman) is taking over so ima keep peeking in on fridays to see whats happenin over in the loisaida.

then i had to sit through a dense mofo trying to break shit down for me and then ask for mah opinion. this is when i give off mah whole black whole vibe, cuz if you arent listening to what i got to say, then why should i have to listen to you? tu sabes? exit- stage right!

inside joke bell: “that website is so bad, they should write a book just for him called HTML FOR _______________”

the sugah high from the vermonster musta jus worn off cuz i passed the fukc out and slept for six hours straight. if you ever hear about me being out for that long, chances are that mah parents will be asked about a DNR.

good news: i get to see the dawn. bad news: i dont get to greet the dawn.
a subtle difference that means worlds to me.

saturday: back at work. the lil ones still love me!
thanks to ed garcia for the free tix to the 30th nyc salsa fest. pretty good times with me staying awake for *almost* the whole thing. highlights include: india losing her fool mind on stage, could be from the lack of O2 as she was sporting a size 6 dress on a size 12 body (proof again that more than cold fusion, more than cable tv, more than people of color, lycra is the universe’s hardest worker). tito rojas is gettin older but he still kicks ass and oscar deleon is eternal.

the afterparty involved some damn good korean food. pass the kim chee & praise the lawd.

did not get to greet the dawn but came damn close as i trooped it from 33rd and 5th all the way down to battery park. did get to sit by the steps of the museum of the american indian (or sumthin like dat) as i was noticing maple trees while conjuring stars in the city sky. at first i only saw a pair in the night but then the longer i gazed, the more they appeared about eight total. note to self: study more constellations.

sunday: took care of some work stuff but my real highlight was trooping thru lower manhattan with the Artchress. cream puffs and more ice cream(!) as i recount my favorite story which gets more and more miraculous with every telling. much love to the Artchress for quickly becoming one of my favorite people and not being all jaded and cynical.
now i jus gotta ask– whachoo know about a chess game rematch?

also, joy harjo’s “best of” collection is the straight t-r-o-o-f amazing prayers in there.

as for the dawn, i finally got to greet it LIVE FROM CROWN HEIGHTS! with good food and the image of brown happy children listening to the story teller add another layer to the tale they all know and love.

love ya like miles love frequent flyers

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