bits and bytes

tomorrow, martin at acentos
saturday, parse book release

today, i am the happiest i have ever been in my life

later today, letter writing and memorizing more poems

at the rate, i might have a whole half hour of “hits” and “covers” stored in the dome by months end

re: the “hits” i have not had a whole lot of desire to be on any open mic in the last few months. in actuality, i have not had very much desire to perform in the last few months. the opportunities come and i attack em pretty well but i think that particular phase of my poetic existence may be fading fast.

re: the “covers” performing barbara’s poem this last weekend was a real joy. i still smile when i say “it is always autumn”

carpet-micers, i am expecting some to come out but not to the extent of some of the other high-profile events we have done in the past. lemme say this, as an audience member- i dig these “big” events. as the curator, i cant stand em. i hate hype. “martín is fly. take my word for it. come on down” you know how many times i can type that sentence and how many names i can list for a variety of reasons.

ima miss both nina & raina tomorrow. they should really be here enjoying this.

dreaming of silver blue constellations. apparently, if you follow orion, you will find your self home. at least, thats how it works for me.

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