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National Book Awards Finalists- Poetry

John Ashbery, Where Shall I Wander

Frank Bidart, Star Dust: Poems

Brendan Galvin, Habitat: New and Selected Poems, 1965-2005

W.S. Merwin, Migration: New and Selected Poems

Vern Rutsala, The Moment’s Equation

lemme say this- merwin’s neruda translations are horrible

passin the cup…

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  1. Merwin was one of the first poets I ever saw read when I was at UofA. Can’t remember a damn thing he did, except that I remember wanting him to READ the poems instead of just reciting, if that makes sense. There was a remove, a sense of distance, that just made me crazy!

    Ah, well. People are poets for different reasons.

  2. oh, but this is a diverse selection of poets, right? aren’t at least one of these white men GAY?

    f*ck this. yet another org. for us to infiltrate. there. i’ve said it. and this is how it goes down.

  3. Apparently the primary qualification for being nominated is being older than dirt. Where Roger at?….;-)

    I say we bum rush em. Everyone can get behind my cracker ass and we’ll hit em by surprise.

    I know….I’ll spare you the response…”ya stoopid!”

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