canto jondo

last nights acentos was one of the best ones ever. too bad that this
one will remain a secret episode since there was only ONE true
audience member.

exaggeration? well, if we subtract the two organizers in the house
and then the seven remaining open micers, plus the feature, there was
only one person who was there just to listen.

these are the facts of life that keep you humble. from 100+ two weeks
ago to a room where i know everyones favorite color. ;-)

the real sadness in in the fact that mildred ruiz almost made me cry
with her songs. she is that bad ass. but thats some folks for you.
twenty-five or twenty-five hundred, they bring their a game to the
table. and mildred is a money player.

i didnt realize how far back me and mildred go. universes was the
very first feature for synonymUS (thanks to lynne) and mildred and her
husband came through for my first ever hosting/curating gig at (get
this!) barnes&noble in co-op city.
*memories, like the corners of my eyes… memories, of the way we were*

to review real quickly- mildred rocked. small crowd. great energy.
was able to pay the feature (strike the “by THIS much” pose). had a
great time. hate the damn rain.

if you are reading this and feel guilty cuz you now realize that your
presence would have increased attendance by at least 11%… good!

now get over that feeling and show up at the next ‘really big shoe’
when jess & rich rock out at 1st wednesdays

love ya like statisticians love math

ps– go to and say “whaz up!”

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