Constant Craving

courtesy of the wily filipino

Google your name, plus the word “needs,” so in order of Google appearance:

1. Oscar needs to rethink women.

2. Oscar needs a stunt double.

3. OSCAR is funded purely from donations and sponsorship.

4. OSCAR needs your support


6. Not a Katrina pet, but OSCAR needs a home

7. Oscar needs a good home.

8. Oscar Needs Votes!!!

9. Oscar NEEDS Your Vote!

10. Oscar needs white blood cells to fight the infection and he doesn’t have enough by himself

11. Oscar needs a loving foster home with well-educated parents living close to top class medical facilities and no more than three children to share the attention and care.

12. Oscar needs help.

if i were to tag someone with this badboy, hmmm, lemme see
i pass it on to scott lee williams!

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