mo promo

mo problems

for the immediate future, this blog is gonna be all about promo and pics. thats all i got time for. look at this schedule to your right. ob.promotin, indeed!

of course, that aint nuthin compared to bella’s schedule
jus reason #374 why i love her so much

enough of the marzipan*

come out tomorrow and enjoy some poetry in da bX

Downtown Bronx Bar & Cafe
141 East 149th Street — 718-585-5255
8:00 – 9:30pm

Reading by Maria Negroni
Hosted by Oscar Bermeo

Maria Negroni, an Argentinian native, is a writer, poet, essayist, translator and professor. As a poet, she is celebrated throughout South America. She is the author of two books of essays, one novel, and six books of poetry. In 1994, her book Night Journeys received the Argentina National Book Award. The collection of 62 tightly-woven narrative poems is Negroni’s first work of poetry to be translated into English. “This book is pervaded by the spooky sense of a woman traveling in many directions, most of them unrequested, journeying through shadows and mirrors, navigating the mysteries by shuttling between life and death” (The Washington Post). She currently teaches Latin American Literature and Creative Writing at Sarah Lawrence College in New York.

An open mic session will follow Ms. Negroni’s reading.

Sponsored by the Bronx Writers’ Center

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  1. dude! but what i did *not* add to my schedule is that i need to find something totally fantastic to wear for the awards ceremony!

    ready to party like rockstars, big boy?


    do i get cake?

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