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Re: the cantankerous yahoos known as the louderARTS project

y’all is mah peoples!!

we all rocked the ef out last night at the bowery which was packed to capacity, a wonderful show of support from the artistic community or, as the kids might say, putting your money where your mouth is. or sumthin like dat.

first off, we got the cool ass intro to amiri baraka courtesy of bob Holman & willie perdomo. then got down with some serious jackassery with pat rosal.
amiri after seeing the fellas with willie & pat: oh, you brought your WHOLE crew!

abena brought the house down with her bluesed out version of sonnet to east st louis. fish got props for his till pieces. i missed profe on the mic but saw him get the full rock star treatment after his reading. and as for me, i was on fkcin fire!

well, maybe not so much. i did ‘like dawn in new york’ to a so-so reaction but then I busted out ‘about b-boys in the boogie down’ and it was on like grits with gravy. damn, that poem makes me happy (for a variety of reasons*). love the twists and turns it takes me on and how the poem dee-mands i modify my voice.

at one point, i hit the refrain and heard “say it louder!” even though i was already on blast. note to self: memorize that fuckin piece already. i already have it down but I need to have it DOWN.

afterparty at Galapagos in Brooklyn as we play “help profe get out the hood” a fun and wonderful educational TV series that lets us study all the geography and cultural diversity between nyack, ny and da ghetto.
“ok kids, one mo time, whats the statue of limitations on assault & battery?”

ya know its only funny cuz that’s how it actually went down.

we missed the performance of louderARTS blue team (dats right! we roll deep like dat) but got to hear some funky ass prog rock that had me acting all kinds of foolish.
*strike the derek jeter running to first base pose*

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