"keeping in company"


and many more to the fine fine scotsmen that decided the only thing better than a good 12 year scotch is an even better 18 year one!

ah glenmorangie, though i am still living in gout limbo and can not fully enjoy your rich rapture, the occasional sip from bella’s glass is enough to keep me on this side of bliss.

the first word that came to mind while sipping this piece of heaven was “creamy” yep, the glenmorangie 18 yr lingers a bit on the back of your tongue then slowly works it way down, giving you with a warm effervescent tingle through out your chest. it makes the heart want to blast forth from behind the crimson velvet ribcage curtain and belt out quite the classic musical number. if i could sing, and that is a huge IF, i think glenmorangie would move me to a Baz Luhrmann type rendition of “12 Gracious Melodies” the hidden track on Stone Temple Pilot’s second album but that’s just me…

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  1. Scotch, Scotch, Scotch….I love Scotch!!!

    ….and of course, my good friend Oscar here…


    Were you raped?

    (Inside Joke Bell Goes…DING!!!)

  2. the way i’m talking about it on the back of my tongue and through my chest, one might think that this had something to do with a guy nmed “glen”

    snackbox humor, it escalates very quickly, yes it does ;-)

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