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Ferrara Bakery & Café of Little Italy may be the most romantic spot in this whole frickin city. Sure Venerio’s has it going on with their cakes(!) and a damn fine mocha cappucino but the service at Ferrara’s puts it over the top.

For your information, I had the mini-sfogliatelle (the Eye-Talyans pronounce it sfoy-ah-DEL much the same way mozzarella becomes moo-ZAH-rell), a triangular shaped puffpastry shell filled with ricotta cheese cake; a mini-Paragina, shortbread cake topped with hazelnut mousse encrusted in a dark chocoalte shell and crowned with a fresh hazlenut; and a fresh fruit tart (they ran out of strawberry so i settled with kiwi)

Bella’s plate features a white chocolate wrapped dark chocolate truffle, a mini-Chemise cake which starred a fully aerated chocolate whipped cream, and a mini-Bavarian Creme Puff with strawberry icing.

Yeah, I know. You are really hating the fact that all you have to look forward to is a slice of pizza for lunch. Believe me, I feel for ya. In fact, right this second, I have Captain Corelli’s mandolin playing quite the sad tune.

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