pics from the feature are posted for your perusal here

many thanks to maria, jess and the artcheress for hooking me up and taking all the great pics. on a side note, i have no idea why there are pics of the bike that rests against the wall but i will be sure to work that into some kind of joke the next time i am up on the acentos mic

new york state of mind
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btw, the pic to the right is not from the feature and is actually part of the after partay from my hosting duties this last saturday for Pepatián’s Bronx Dance Express showcase.
“what??? the master of the promo gave no alert???”

i woulda but it was a showcase for folks in the dance/education field with limited seating so i only invited ms francie, the dance director at the 9-to-5, and the artcheress (since she can actually do all the moves from the salsa poem)

the dance showcase was kinda fly with alicia diaz & matthew thornton‘s “la orilla ” a capoeira/contact improvisation/modern dance duet being a serious highlight of the evening especially since they used varela’s “una palabra” as part of their soundtrack

highlight number #2/inside joke bell was the sighting of a young lady rockin some studebaker stretch jeans from the 80s.
lesson: ole skool gear on guys can equal cool but jeans from the run/dmc cazal’s days on woman are never cool
hence: “whatchoo know bout throwback jeans?!?!?”

this has turned into a wonderful blog entry that has little to do with poetry which is cool considering that Adam is reemerging and the poems that were starting to develop over the summer are far from dead. this character of the original man wrapped up in guilt who has very consciously chosen to shun the world of myth & fable is still out there, walking the streets of new york with an altar in his bag and a story all his own that he refuses to articulate

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