"There’s not a problem that I can’t fix/Cause I can do it in the mix"

One of the difference between the present louderMONDAY and its previous incarnation ‘A Lil Bit Louder’ was the fact that after every Lil Bit Louder we would dance our asses off for at least a good half hour and sometimes even longer all thanks to DJ Frank Rempe. No one ever had as much fun up in that booth playing with the crowd, the host and the poets as DJ HotNuts (inside joke bell). Maybe it was cuz Frank was a poet himself making it all the way to the Urbana finals one year.

Anyways, go check out Frank out and then go check out one of his remixed beats for a lil ditty called Capicú which was inspired by the off my ass drunk (three tequilas & five Coronas into the evening) initial performance of said poem.

Capicú = Spanish term used in playing Dominoes, when the winning domino can play on either open end of the layout.

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