Pinion: A Reading to Celebrate the Quill, the Ink, and the Turning of the Gears

Monday, February 27th, 7:00 pm

PINION featuring Barbara Jane Reyes with guest poest Jessica Hagedorn, Bino A. Realuyo and Anthem Salgado plus the Open Mic!

louderMONDAYS closes out February with a four-fold feature centered on the 2005 winner of the prestigious James Laughlin Award for her second collection of poems, poeta en san francisco (Tinfish Press). The Pinion Reading Series features exceptional poets of particular renown or accomplishment. These poets are encouraged by the curators to invite a selection of guest readers whose work they have mentored or through whose work or teaching they have been influenced.

Hosted by Lynne Procope

Open Mic sign-up @ 7pm sharp!
13 Bar Lounge
35 East 13th Street @ University Place 2nd Floor
4, 5, 6, L, N, Q, R, W to 14th Street  Union Square
$5  $4 students
2 for 1 drinks 


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  1. ob, i wish wish wish i could be on the east coast right now so i could make this event! it’s going to be so awesome! i would make the ‘pilgrimage’ if i had the money. seriously.

    please put up a synopsis and photos afterwards so that i can have some vicarious pleasure. :)

  2. gladys, i am sure that there will be many photos of incredible poets, yummy food & fab shoes! plus a synopsis or two

    hasta la proxima…

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