"You keep lying, when you oughta be truthin’"

how crappy was my monday? the fact that i got a rejection letter from the Indiana Review didnt even make my top five.

in other news, i am fighting off some kind of bug that has me coughing something awful. i am literally fighting this bug away cuz
a) i dont like bein sick
b) it IS mind over matter
c) barbara will be in nyc very shortly
thus, the vitamin c is in full effect as well as wearing mad amounts of clothes to bed in an effort to sweat this bad boy out. i have done it before and will do it again. amongst my other self cures has been fully recovering from a hernia with nothin more than aspirin. of course, i was 23 at the time, but still…

on a more positive note. there was quite the fun party this last saturday– lynne’s fabulous shoe & hat partay in honor of miss procope’s birthday. if ya feel up to the challenge–

Match the shoes with said poets:
Roger Bonair-Agard, Cheryl Boyce-Taylor, RH Douglas,
Rachel McKibbens, Lynne Procope, Pat Rosal
P2180003 P2180004 P2180005

P2180006 P2180011 P2190013

P2180009but ima go out on a limb and say the winner for the night was this set of rocker boots complete with (what the hell do you call that ankle bracelt thingy people wrap around their boots??) and matching hat which belonged to a friend of lynnes that is a former child actor, apparently he makes an apperance in John Water’s Hairspray, and has an MFA in poetry. so once again, poets rule!

more silliness (including me & jai discussing pro wrestling while doing the hand jive) can be found here

love ya like J Lo loves Manolo Timbs

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  1. i hope you sweated that bad boy out, ob! have a gr8 time with bj. and as for the shoes: poets/writers and excellent shoes do mix, as i’ve recently realized for myself.

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