Wifey: Slang, n. (1)girlfriend- usually used by men in reference to a woman they are dating primarily, but not necessarily exclusively. If actual marriage occurs this term should no longer be used.

now while the actual ceremony has not occurred; i consider myself, at this very moment, to be completely and totally married to barb. hence, any and all references to barb as “wifey” should be clearly avoided.

not sayin’/jus sayin’

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  1. hello ktrion,
    thanks for stopping by the blog!
    not familiar with the phrase “la waifa” can you elaborate a lil bit more?

  2. la waifa: [orig: bad chicano/pocho spanish. la+wife+a(feminine)] n. wife. more respectful than vieja [old lady] more silly than esposa. More likely to be used in the third person. just silliness on my part :)

  3. anything silly is always good in my book specially considerin that i dont like to use “esposa” being that it also means “handcuffs”

    ah, etymology, how could we stay mad at you? :)

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