Welcome to Oaktown

Thank You
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on the quick: made it to oakland safe & sound. everything is as bright as you would expect it to be.

it’s lookin like the blog is gonna be the best way for the NYC heads to keep up with my further adventures. cool enough but the basic rules of the blog stay intact…
-if something beautiful happens in my life, i will probably blog about it
-if something goes haywire in my life, i probably wont
-i dont blog about my 9-5. pretty funny considering i dont have one at this second but you know what i mean.
-drama is best viewed with professionals on a stage or at the cinema, not on a blog
-the nebulous will be kept to a minimum
-inside jokes will appear frequently and will be properly footnoted
-yeah, i am still a manda todo

so, why in the hell would someone want to still read ye olde blog? i will promise to post all of my insecurities regarding my poetics. the process, the poems, the direction, the destinations and how it all gets jumbled up in my head. the fact that i have become comfortable with the title of “poet” in the last year or so is in no way keeping all my anxieties in check.

oh yeah, you can find poems from other folks here on occasion. generally, you’ll find poems that i enjoy but, on occasion, i may post one that i am not feelin in an effort to keep the dialogue on the critical tip.

i may start posting some og my own poems here from time to time. new locale, new habits. ya know.

this short update has gotten a bit long it seems and thats cool too since the blog still surprises me and thats a good thing.

love ya like a bagel loves cream cheese

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  1. Welcome to the Golden State! Let’s get together sometime. The first one’s on me. OK, the second one too.

  2. Welcome to the West Coast, OB! Now to just get you two to take a road trip to Canada and all will be perfect. *wink*

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