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its been a minute, dats for sure. not like i havent had much to blog about but the urgency to blog has lessened since ive moved out here which is my round about way to say: married life is beautiful.

am i missin mah friends? yeah. am i missin nyc? hmmm, not so much. more and more i am realizing just how much new york was a means to an end and that end being this incredible intersection of stories and the people who have lived them. i know some people would rather have a huge part in the story and be in as much of the mic as possible but i was always more the quiet narrator lurkin a bit on the edge even when it appeared that i was in the spotlight, it was more of a cameo apperance than anything else.

actually, one of the main reasons i started going to poetry readings was to be the quiet kid in the corner. sure i invited some folks to go with me and some were genuinely curious as to what i was doing on monday nights all by my lonesome but for a good six months it was nice to just listen in the back and enjoy myself all by myself. lil by lil that started to change and sure enough i started to miss that anonymity specially since it was becoming more and more elusive.

now i am kinda back to that quiet place in the back of the room with the added bonus of being able to chip in just a lil if the spirit calls for it. which is what happened last week at the flor y canto readings organized by the students of SF State and alejandro murguía. at two of the readings i was at, profesor murguía asked me to read a poem. (thanks, of course, to a lovely intro courtesy of my lovely wife.) it felt good to share some work, especially in front of a latino audience, even though i fumbled a couple of lines but it was all good in the end.

ok, i gotta run but i’ll be sure to post more regular. palabra!

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  1. Bro, guess who’s going to be in your kitchen (or at least a kitchen in a nearby neighborhood) first week of July. I’ll shout at you. Suave.

  2. Waitaminutewaitaminutewaitaminute. Am I to conclude from this post that you two love bunnies are already married? Because, seriously, if I don’t get to go shopping for a crockpot to de-sexify your sexy loft, there is no justice in the world.


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