gettin my "top chef" on

berkeley bowl may be one of the most confusing places on earth. the first time i went there, i spent almost ten minutes trying to figure out the difference between japanese eggplant and chinese eggplant. even worse was this city boy’s discovery that some lemons are orange and some limes are yellow.
*I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!*

meanwhile, back at the poetry ranch, i have signed up for a series of workshops marking the first time in four years where i am in a poetry class that i don’t know the instructor’s middle name and alcoholic beverage of choice. anonymity, i love it!

i’ve also been quite the eclectic readers as of late with a nice list of poetry books, anthologies and graphic novels in the mix. all of which has the poetry gears movin in mah head.

presently, i am letting some asparagus purchased at the local farmers market marinate in balsamic vinegar, olive oil, fresh lemon juice, freshly cracked black pepper and a secret ingredient. (gotta love the nebulous) and i am going to make me some homemade mac & cheese.

love ya like the produce man loves to squeeze melons

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