We’re On A Road to Nowhere

Regular blogging takes a back seat to real life again but here is the two-minute drill:

– Out About the Town: I will be speaking at New College’s “Creative Writers Teaching In & Outside of Academia” panel this weekend. Should be good times as I get to recall what can be kindly called less than optimal teaching conditions.

– Finished reading Lucifer: Evensong and Martín Espada’s The Republic of Poetry. Both satisfying but I hope to start reading some different stuff.

– Stuck in my laptop: Looking over submissions for Tea Party’s next issue. If you are a poet, I hope you submit.

– Out About the Town (2): Driving into SF from Oaktown is nowhere near the hassle as the Bx to Manhattan or Boogie Down to Crooklyn ride. But I do have one question: What do folks out here have against using their turn signal?

– The Open Mic contract. I may go into this a lot more in the near future (or maybe not) but the bottom line is this: As long as you are putting genuine effort into the delivery of a poem, then you have my attention. Otherwise, I may get snooty. (Ring the inside joke bell!)

– Biggest revelation of the last month: I am a huge Talking Heads fan.

– More culinary delights: I make a mean Garbanzo Leek soup. You can try to make your own with this recipe.

– Change of Scenery: For some reason, Blogger Beta does not love me. Which is kind of cool since that means I don’t have to lose an hour of my life to reformatting my page.

– Change of Scenery (2): I will be making updates to the look and feel of oscarbermeo.com. Uhhhh, there goes that hour gained.

– Poetic Challenge: I owe Tony Robles a poem based on the Godfather movies. Note: I refuse to call it a trilogy cuz any real fan doesn’t count III.

– Poetic Challenge (2): I owe a certain third grade class a poem. Since I am all about educatin’ the kids I plan on making it in some kind of form.

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  1. “i miss the honkytonk, dairy queen and 7-11…”


    “i dream of shopping malls, french fries and chocolate chip cookies.”

    that david byrne. such the bard, you snooty bald guy, you.

    i think you may have given a wannabee-“poet” an inferiority complex. good job.

  2. And you may ask yourself
    Am I right?…Am I wrong?

    in truth, i was being ultra-selfish cuz i was tryin to get them to hurry to the feature poet ;-)

    And you may tell yourself

  3. Funny. My personal favorite is Life During Wartime. My Mrs. is a big Talking Heads fan too.

    As far as the Godfather Part III, yeah, what was up with that? It was really one of those cases where the trailer was a thousand times more interesting and cool than the actual film, though I did enjoy the penthouse massacre and the death of Joey Zasa.

    And someday, when I’m old, I hope my hair sticks straight up like Pacino’s. :)

    You did hear they’re in talks for Godfather Part IV. Though it would be nice if it kind of went Highlander and just wiped out the preceding sequel as an “it never happened, capice?” kinda moment.

    All right, time for me to go cause chaos.

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